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Our dedicated team provide a listening ear and are able to signpost individuals to available services within their communities, local organisations and healthcare providers.

We seek to be trusted voices in trusted spaces so that communities know that help
is available.


Our dedicated full-time Mental Health and Wellbeing Outreach Worker supports the delivery of holistic and whole system approach interventions at neighbourhood level to promote better mental health and wellbeing, thereby contributing to our commitment to reduce health inequalities in Lambeth. 


This outreach work involves conversations with residents and communities to provide mental health prevention and wellbeing advice to local communities using evidence based motivational interviewing techniques.

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We adopt a proactive approach going to where communities are, particularly those that are at greater risk of poor mental health and wellbeing. This includes supporting the Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Bus outreach team, participation in community events and collaborating with different stakeholders including the voluntary and community sector to deliver specific events and sessions.

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